February 2024
MindCET EdTech Universe
In this issue, MindCET brings together all involved in meeting the emerging and ever-changing needs of the learner of the Digital Age, by enabling the entrepreneurial culture to lead the process. Bringing the learner as the main part of the process – connecting, innovating, sharing, exploring, developing, working with hard-fun, daring to transform, and kindly involving all interested partners from throughout the world, have marked our journey.
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May 2023
Education Space and Time Tipping Point
This issue of EdTech Mindset provides a snapshot of the rich conversations that took place at Shaping the Future 2022, in order to inspire education stakeholders to ponder how these essential questions affect their practices – the Education Space & Time Tipping Point!
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December 2021
The Unboxing School Movement
This issue of EdTech Mindset attempts to provide a taste of the current global conversation on doomscrolling on the day after COVID, highlighting those offering their insights and experiences to support the much-needed educational change.
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December 2019
The Rise Of Human Machine Pedagogy
This issue of EdTech Mindset is dedicated to a very significant event that was designed to face the challenge of fast-emerging technological breakthroughs and propose ways towards finding solutions. Shaping the Future TLV 2019 brought together thought leaders from across the globe to share their work and insights, in order to inspire EdTech practitioners in opening new doors that will allow learners of the Digital Age to enter, and hopefully find a system that they fit in!
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December 2018
Educating A.I.
This issue of EdTech Mindset offers a few highlights from the Shaping the Future 5 EdTech Summit. These try to suggest to educators and startups to get on board the AI revolution, to understand, to struggle, but overall, to take responsibility over the use of emerging technologies as an enabler that can narrow the gap between learners and the current unsatisfying educational system.
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December 2018
How Human Can ChatBots Be?
For this issue of EdTech Mindset, we chose to chat with leading experts exploring ChatBots and learn about their visions, in order to help us understand this new medium and its educational potential.
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December 2017
From Schooling To Learning
This issue of EdTech Mindset is dedicated to a very special event, “Shaping the Future 4: From Schooling to Learning”.
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December 2016
The Virtual Reality Promise
For this issue of EdTech Mindset, we invited experts from different fields to provide their perspective of the rapidly growing Virtual Reality trend.
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December 2015
Education Technology Trends Report – 2015
The year 2015 has been a very exciting one for education, with the embracing of digital technology, internet culture, and the unstoppable global entrepreneurial movement.
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December 2014
Education Technology Trends Report – 2014
EdTech Mindset selected eleven 2014 technology-related events that we believe can impact education.
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June 2014
Big Data & Education 2014
We are all digital data users and contributors; we only need to be aware of it to make the best use of it.
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December 2013
Gaming & Education
In order to keep the educational system relevant to kids, we need to understand their alternative, parallel learning environments. This report presents a snapshot of the significant place digital gaming occupies today, as an efficient learning alternative space for kids, providing new data about Israeli kids.
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