The Rise Of Human Machine Pedagogy

The Rise Of Human Machine Pedagogy

Today, education is facing a major crisis – its main user, the reason education is justified as playing a significant role in our societies, does not fit in! The fast-emerging technological breakthroughs have transformed the way we live and are; however education has not been able to keep the pace.

This issue of EdTech Mindset is dedicated to a very significant event that was designed to face this challenge and propose ways towards finding solutions. Shaping the Future TLV 2019, brought together thought leaders from across the globe to share their work and insights, in order to inspire EdTech practitioners in opening new doors that will allow learners of the Digital Age to enter, and hopefully find a system that they fit in!

“Designing Human Machine Pedagogy” is an invitation to all EdTech stakeholders to bring the digital learner to the whole process of educational solutions’ development, from ideation to implementation. An invitation to focus on a generation of learners who experience an almost symbiotic relationship between themselves and machines, who are developing new learning processes, capabilities and opportunities, and who are actively transforming obsolete educational hierarchies towards the rise of a true learning community.

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