Transforming mindset

MindCET connects startups, educators, researchers, learners, high-tech industry leaders, investors and policymakers – to offer alternative solutions relevant to the learner of the Digital Age

MindCET Negev Headquarters

Showcasing unique innovation


Supporting innovative EdTech startups

We identify, accelerate and invest in innovative EdTech solutions so they can create maximum impact in the global marketplace

Accelerating EdTech innovation

With its R&D experience and knowledge base, MindCET helps EdTech startups accelerate their growth. We facilitate creative meetings of entrepreneurs, educators, researchers, developers, students and industry leaders to build the most relevant and innovative EdTech products.


SPRINT is a solution that supports teachers and students

SPRINT offers self-learning tracks in various subjects, incorporating technological tools that generate meaningful learning experiences.

Connecting the global EdTech ecosystem

Through encouraging initiatives, knowledge-sharing and exploring technological trends for alternative learning, international connections can empower local and global ecosystems, and enable the growth of the EdTech community.

Join this vibrant international community dedicated to re-thinking and re-designing the world of education

Unboxing School

Help schools change by responding to their biggest challenges

This is an international movement dedicated to creating significant change in educational practice.
Unboxing School leverages the opportunities that have developed during Covid in order to create deep change in schools.

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Re-thinking Education

Transparency is key in changing educational culture. Through our publications, we share innovative technologies, new evidence-based knowledge and the continuous development of adaptive learning environments.

MindCET EdTech Universe
In this issue, MindCET brings together all involved in meeting the emerging and ever-changing needs of the learner of the Digital Age, by enabling the entrepreneurial culture to lead the process. Bringing the learner as the main part of the process – connecting, innovating, sharing, exploring, developing, working with hard-fun, daring to transform, and kindly involving all interested partners from throughout the world, have marked our journey.
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“Like in life, in the Rube Goldberg Machine action leads to action”
MindCET developed a platform that provides lesson plans for teachers based on independent learning, and one that responds quickly to the significant feedback from the students in order to improve and contribute to the development of critical thinking ability, strategic planning, task management, and cooperative learning—through working in small teams.
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The AI startup that helps repackage content for every purpose
GlossAI aims to do to videos what ChatGPT does to text.
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