November 2023
MindCET Accelerator alumni Althea purchased by Clarivate
By incubating new technology with AI capabilities such as Alethea, Clarivate will further accelerate its strategy to advance knowledge through research and education.
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February 2024
Education “bricoleurs”
An article by one of MindCET partners, Tyme Education CEO and Co-Founder at EXPeditions, Pierre-Antoine Ullmo.
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July 2023
How global educators use tech innovation to upgrade Jewish studies?
Through a shared mission, a diverse group of educators has recently been leveraging technology and entrepreneurial principles to reshape the face of education and Jewish studies.
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August 2023
The AI that will help keep quality teaching staff in the education system
The Center for Educational Technology (CET) held an educational-technological hackathon at the MindCET innovation center in Yeruham, in which they sought to examine how artificial intelligence is harnessed to deal with educational and emotional crises.
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