Images from the hackathon (Credit: Sefi Shlevin) August 2023
The AI that will help keeping quality teaching staff in the education system

The Center for Educational Technology (CET) held an educational-technological hackathon at the MindCET innovation center in Yeruham, in which they sought to examine how artificial intelligence is harnessed to deal with educational and emotional crises.

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July 2023
How global educators use tech innovation to upgrade Jewish studies?

Through a shared mission, a diverse group of educators has recently been leveraging technology and entrepreneurial principles to reshape the face of education and Jewish studies.

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August 2022
Will Technology Replace Teachers in the Classroom?

An interview with MindCET CEO, Avi Warshavsky, about the role of technology in the future of education: “Teachers are last in the education system's food chain. Technology can help them become better teachers”.

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