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MindCET’s base of operations is in Yerucham, a location that allows us to benefit from the growth that is taking place in the Negev, while at the same time partnering in those growth processes. In recent years, Yerucham has undergone a significant change in terms of demographic and economic development, and we are happy to be able to contribute to it.

We would be pleased to host you for an experiential visit to our campus, including exposure to our content areas and our working methods, as well as trialing groundbreaking technologies and new initiatives.

Visits and Workshops:

All of our activities take place in MindCET campus in Yeruham

Recent trends in learning technologies – Lectures and a hands-on experience
A fascinating overview, with lots of examples, of trends in the world of technology and how they relate to educational and pedagogic contexts. We discuss trends that combine technology and learning, based on our own in-depth familiarity with technological trends reported from around the world, and MindCET’s understanding of the possibilities for breakthroughs in education as a result of these trends.
Disrupting Learning Skills (Workshop)
The aim of the workshop is to enlist the Israeli culture of startups and innovation for the benefit of education and learning. During the workshop, we will consider problems in the educational field, in Israel and abroad, and possible solutions, and we will gain experience in the "Lean Startup" approach. This approach was developed in the United States, as a way of evaluating startups and properly characterizing solutions, through constant monitoring and follow-up with users. We believe that this approach can lead to change in how we characterize those whom we instruct, through revolutionary learning technology initiatives. The workshop focuses on thinking out of the box, storytelling, entrepreneurship, and the basic principles for startups.

The workshop is suitable for a target audience involved in training and teaching, both in schools and in industry and commerce. The workshop can be adapted to specific target groups.

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Renting space in MindCET campus

Working hours are Sun-Thu 7AM-7PM. The campus, designed with a contemporary architecture and innovative design, enjoys spacious working and meeting rooms. The campus also has an equipped and lit cafeteria