• Online interactive tasks for STEM subjects
    Israel (‫ישראל‬‎)
  • Math mastery made FUN
    United Kingdom
  • Cognitive K12 training platform
    Spain (España)
  • Using music as a platform for developing 21st century skills
    Israel (‫ישראל‬‎)
  • A market place for content creation for caregivers
    Israel (‫ישראל‬‎)
  • Maximizing the learning potential behind video games
  • ai junk
    Teaching AI through recycled robotics
    Israel (‫ישראל‬‎)
  • Blender
    Pedagogical Engine for Teachers and Lecturers
    Israel (‫ישראל‬‎)
  • Offers a new approach to deliver educational content
    Israel (‫ישראל‬‎)
    Higher Ed
  • wyblo
    Wyblo is the people-centered Learning Experience Platform that automates administrative paperwork and improves training paths through real-time analytics
    Italy (Italia)
  • examPAL logo
    Utilizing AI to personalize both practice sessions and solution strategies for each student
    Israel (‫ישראל‬‎)
    Online Learning Platform
    Self Learning
    Test Prep
  • Empowering health professionals to deliver better therapy
    Israel (‫ישראל‬‎)