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February 2024
MindCET EdTech Universe

In this issue, MindCET brings together all involved in meeting the emerging and ever-changing needs of the learner of the Digital Age, by enabling the entrepreneurial culture to lead the process. Bringing the learner as the main part of the process – connecting, innovating, sharing, exploring, developing, working with hard-fun, daring to transform, and kindly involving all interested partners from throughout the world, have marked our journey.

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May 2023
Education Space and Time Tipping Point

This issue of EdTech Mindset provides a snapshot of the rich conversations that took place at Shaping the Future 2022, in order to inspire education stakeholders to ponder how these essential questions affect their practices – the Education Space & Time Tipping Point!

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December 2021
The Unboxing School Movement

This issue of EdTech Mindset attempts to provide a taste of the current global conversation on doomscrolling on the day after COVID, highlighting those offering their insights and experiences to support the much-needed educational change.

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November 2023
“Like in life, in the Rube Goldberg Machine action leads to action”

MindCET developed a platform that provides lesson plans for teachers based on independent learning, and one that responds quickly to the significant feedback from the students in order to improve and contribute to the development of critical thinking ability, strategic planning, task management, and cooperative learning—through working in small teams.

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November 2022
Penetrating world markets: an EdTech experience

What does it take for an EdTech startup to enter a new market?

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December 2023
Israeli EdTech Innovators Shine in GESAwards Finals

The winners are developing novel ways to learn language and keeping in touch with grandparents via Augmented Reality.

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November 2023
MindCET Accelerator alumni Althea purchased by Clarivate

By incubating new technology with AI capabilities such as Alethea, Clarivate will further accelerate its strategy to advance knowledge through research and education.

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חברת GlossAI. "הבנו שיש בעיה אבל יש דרך לפתור אותה" | צילום: אופק פלר ואבשלום דיין , יחצ September 2023
The AI startup that helps repackage content for every purpose

GlossAI aims to do to videos what ChatGPT does to text.

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