MindCET EdTech Universe

MindCET EdTech Universe

MindCET Team dedicates this issue to our colleague

Judith Weinstein Hagai, RIP, a good-hearted, kind, full of life educator who devoted her professional life to the wellbeing of students. She developed with us an app “Class Relax” so kids could exercise mindfulness every morning, together, in their classrooms. Judith and her husband were brutally kidnapped and later murdered, on Saturday, October 7th, 2023, as they enjoyed their morning walk.

2023 has been the most challenging year for MindCET EdTech Innovation Center. From one hand, it marked its 10th year of relentlessly transforming theway educational solutions are conceived an meet their users, and, on the other hand, it proceeds with resilience while overcoming a tough reality triggered by the horrific terrorist attack on its country, Israel, on October 7th. This issue provides a snapshot into the different EdTech solutions interacting with the MindCET Universe during 2023. MindCET brings together all involved in meeting the emerging and ever-changing needs of the learner of the Digital Age, by enabling the entrepreneurial culture to lead the process. Bringing the learner as the main part of the process, connecting, innovating, sharing, exploring, developing, working with hard-fun, daring to transform, and kindly involving all interested partners from throughout the world, have marked our journey. But, most of all, MindCET Universe is about its people, who are committed to make the lives of learners, all learners, a good experience – an experience that motivates them to lead a world of respect, tolerance, community living, and kindness.

Hoping you get inspired,

Dr. Cecilia Waismann

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