Education Technology Trends Report – 2014

Education Technology Trends Report – 2014

The fast-emerging EdTech ecosystem finds itself at the intersection of several domains which define and enrich it, while at the same time enlarging its focus of attention. As a result, an exciting tsunami of novelties invades our screens every day, requiring from us sharp, still not well-developed, selection criteria. Coming to the rescue (especially for the lazy-busy-overloaded reader), at the end of the year, is the publication of an endless number of lists of “The…best of…..”

EdTech Mindset selected eleven 2014 technology-related events that we believe can impact education. Some of them received central attention from the media, and others, a more discrete mention. We believe they are all significant enough to bring to the attention of all EdTech players: entrepreneurs, investors, educators, students, teachers, publishers, and more.

We hope EdTech Mindset can delight and, hopefully, surprise you!

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