From Schooling To Learning

From Schooling To Learning

This issue of EdTech Mindset is dedicated to a very special event, “Shaping the Future 4: From Schooling to Learning” (March 27 – 30, 2017, Israel).

This EdTech Summit attracted people from all the six continents and a wide range of industries. The incredible energy generated by this unique assemblage brings us hope: All came ready to open their eyes, to exchange ideas, and collaborate humbly and transparently. Participants shared their doubts, their projects and their dreams. It was quite extraordinary.

All too often, learners who are disappointed and disinterested with the current education system build alternative learning systems. They develop expertise that’s relevant to their immediate needs. They leave school behind to navigate freely and unprepared through an unknown, ever-expanding world, developing survival skills along the way. They become active citizens of a society, which itself has unprecedented question marks.

This special issue of EdTech Mindset presents the considerations, strategies and programs of brilliant minds who gathered in Israel in order to support the EdTech industry worldwide in our desire to provide the relevance and significance educators should have in our society.

I hope you feel the energy and excitement of these ideas, that they ignite your own ideas, and that you are further motivated to join this new generation on its journey from schooling to learning!

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