GES Awards 2014: 10 Finalists announced!

GES Awards 2014: 10 Finalists announced!

GES Awards 2014: 10 Finalists announced!


After reviewing more than 360 companies, it is now the time to announce the names of the 10 companies which will compete for the title of “The Most Innovative EdTech Start-Up of 2014” at the September 15th event. Companies from all around the world were screened by a joint effort of EdTech Incubator, London; Socratic Labs, New York; P.A.U. Education, Barcelona; Inncubated, from Bogota; MindCET from Israel and the European Union’s Open Education Challenge, and here are, alphabetically, the finalists:


BrightBytes (United States) – BrightBytes’ team of researchers and data scientists uses in-depth analysis to power a business intelligence and decision support framework. It’s award-winning platform, Clarity for Schools, distills this research into educative, engaging, and actionable data that links educational technology use to changes in learning outcomes, enabling educational leaders to assess the impact of technology on student achievement.

EdPuzzle (United States) – EdPuzzle wants to let your students learn by doing, by enabling them to find the proper video and use EDpuzzle editing tools.

Educatablet (Venezuela) -EducaTablet provides constant access to your academic books whenever and wherever you are. Every academic book at the tip of your fingers.

Gibbon (Netherlands) – Gibbon believes that almost all the knowledge is already available on the web, all you need is someone to guide you to it. That’s why we want to make it easy for everyone to create and follow simple paths of resources to learn anything.

Infantium (Spain) – Infantium is using brain-inspired computing to build the world’s smartest tutor for kids (0-7), using cognitive technology, Brain Science, and Big Data. Infantium is a cognitive platform that personalizes learning by serving a personalized syllabus (apps, media, ebooks, etc) adjusted to individual needs, learning style, speed and level. (Israel) –’s personal assistant uses patent-pending NLP technology to take language learning out of the classroom, or specific lesson (online or offline), and into the daily life of anyone who wants to learn another language. Add and learn new words from any web page you visit, you practice what is right for you when it’s convenient, and you read the most relevant content for your learning.

Makers Empire (Australia) – Maker’s Empire makes 3D design and printing accessible to everyone by providing fun an easy to use tablet-based (iPad/Android/Win) software designed specifically for 3D printing. (Colombia) – With you learn and create the future of the web, and access courses with industry professionals. Begin from the basics, and go as you can.

Nittio Learn (India) – with Nittio Learn’s unique interlaced learning apps, the learners are constantly engaged. Instructional materials, videos, images and periodic questions in different formats are used to constantly engage the learner in a dialogue.

SpongeLab (Canada) – Spongelab’s STITCH is a gamified data-driven learning platform technology. It’s a cloud-based learning system designed to supply “learning as a service” following SaaS and enterprise models of software delivery, but designed to be a complete service – a unique approach from traditional EdTech initiatives.

Congratulations to all the finalists!