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A new media creator, followed the Internet from its inception as commentator, blogger, journalist, presentation consultant, developer, founder and PM. Published illustrations, infographics and columns in Israeli newspapers and magazines, participated in exhibitions at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv museum, and the Israeli Comics and Cartoon Museum. “The first Hebrew blogger” (Ynet).


Gal Wertman is redesigning education

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Here’s a classic dilemma: sequential or hyperlinked? I’m talking about educational content – should it be presented sequentially (i.e., chapter by chapter, page by page), or hyper-textually – like the thought process of many first-graders before the world was introduced to Ritalin? Should we set free the student’s spirit of curiosity, and let it boldly but randomly explore content, or … Read More

Ido Amin's posts – an update

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A note to English readers: The MindCET blog was initially bilingual – posts written by different authors were published in both English and Hebrew. However, from July 2014, some posts in the MindCET blog are in Hebrew only, and comments on the older English-language posts are now locked. Edo Amin’s newer posts can be found in the Hebrew side of … Read More


Son, don’t scalp tickets

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 I was a little boy, disappointed that all the tickets to a movie that I wanted to see with my father had sold out. But then someone wanted to do us a favor: a generous fellow came up and offered to sell his tickets to us. My father didn’t appear to notice him, and so I tugged on his sleeve … Read More


How I invented e-mail (without brainstorming)

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If you are reading this post, you must certainly also attend conferences. You will also know that, alongside “conferences” there are also  “un-conferences.” These are events which bring together invited guests – but which don’t dictate the program to them. The invitees themselves create the lectures, demos and panels. This anarchistic idea began in 2003, in northern California, in Bill … Read More


Innovation and its Disappointments

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When I say that I have reservations (or even criticism) about the idea of innovation, people react with surprise. First, how could there be even the slightest flaw in innovation? After all, it is our provider, our protector, the salvation of our budgets and the bringer of all good things, the alpha and omega. But there are also those who … Read More


The Computer as a Crutch

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Once I knew a man who learned the whole of his personal telephone book by heart. He set out to memorize the telephone numbers of his hundreds of acquaintances, and discovered, to his surprise, that he had a natural ability for it. From the time he made that discovery, he no longer had a need for a phone book. I’m … Read More


The Unexpected Illustrator

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Who has been in the situation, because of work demands, of having to scribble a diagram on the board, in front of a roomful of watching eyes? Among the various professions, teachers probably hold the record for board time, but CEO’s, VP’s and product managers are also out there, holding those erasable markers. Sometimes we forget that government ministers are … Read More


Is User-Friendliness for Weaklings?

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“The Search for the World’s Most Extraordinary Language Learners” is the subtitle of a book entitled Babel No More, published about a year ago, to which a friend of mine, a university lecturer, drew my attention. The author, Michael Erard, is a journalist and linguist, who decided to crack the secret of language learning. His curiosity about the subject was … Read More


Map map on the wall

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The trend toward integration of internet video into the syllabus continues to spread. Following the launch of YouTube and TED platforms, this week another platform has been added. This time, it is an initiative from the people at RSA – the Royal Society for the Arts, which was responsible for the videos of Ken Robinson and others. The new platform … Read More


The beauty of creation

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Teaching the Computer This week, a group of 13-year-old students visited my studio. They were working on an assignment on the subject of the cinema. I showed them how I create animations through a combination of illustrations and software, and they were fascinated. I had to get on with my own work, so I accompanied them to the door. When … Read More


What did I learn in Chemistry class? How to develop chemistry with girls

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I saw this short animated movie recently and I found it particularly enchanting. The movie is the work of Andrew Park, from English studio Cognitive Media, the same Andrew Park who was responsible for the well-known and highly acclaimed RSA Animate series. In this case we are talking about a totally different level of learning and explanation – not a … Read More


The Internet is a Video Machine

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What do you do on the internet? Surf websites, right? Not exactly. If we look at the question of “what do people do on the internet” in terms of content, not of technology, an interesting picture emerges. It turns out that web surfing (and e-mail) is the last thing that people do on the internet. What do they do mainly? … Read More


How a Research Project Became a YouTube Hit

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I’d like to tell you a story about being successful in getting information across. It’s a story that doesn’t have, as it’s hero, some millionaire entrepreneur, like in the gay old days of the dot.com bubble. On the contrary – the successful entrepreneur does exist, but he prefers to remain anonymous. Nonetheless, it’s sometimes worth singing the praises of a … Read More

Wide-field view of the parent star of the famous exoplanet Tau Boötis b

How to turn a professor into a superstar

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 Is animation merely something cute or cool, or does it add something to our ability to absorb information? Recently this question was investigated by Richard Wiseman, a British professor of psychology, who is also a YouTube superstar. Wiseman’s videos have so far amassed 90 million views, placing him in a super-league normally populated by the leading news and entertainment channels. … Read More